Mc Kats Slams Vyper Ranking for destroying his brand

Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats a popular Ugandan media personality and music analyst who works with NBS TV has today morning trashed Vyper Ranking after an interview with Galaxy Tv , where he revealed how bad Kats treated him after requesting him to be hosted on his NBS After 5.

While in an interview, Vyper said that he was asked to put Fille’s songs on Sound Track, Afropop and Trace Music as password to enter NBS studios, a thing he has denied through his posts on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter among others.

Kats has also trashed Vyper’s statement where he said they walked from Nalya to Accia then to wave in a show of two hours and adverts in it .He says Vyper is being used like a cd watch on that warning him.

But this has not changed a thing according to the comments under his posts. Some of his followers have trashed his posts saying that it won’t change a thing because it’s is known that he is a bad person together with Daglous Lwanga his fellow host on the same show .

“So I have A Tv show that Runs 2 Hours with Adverts in btwn n i can go from Nalya then Accia then Wave you are a joke being used like a cd watch out for your self coz if u paid for her music then yours wud be at Grammys Academy,” Kats posted.

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