Cindy Sanyu Opens Up About Fear of Flying

Singer Cinderella Sanyu, popularly known as Cindy Sanyu, has joined the ranks of renowned celebrities who fear taking flights.

Despite her successful music career requiring frequent international travel, Cindy admits to dreading the experience. While acknowledging these trips as a blessing, she revealed her fear of flying during an interview with Sanyuka TV.

“I don’t like flying, it scares me,” Cindy confessed. “I wish there was a car that would take us across the world; I would be driving that one. I don’t like the feeling of being in midair and that in case of any problem, I have nothing to hold onto.”

Despite her anxiety, Cindy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with her global fan base, stating, “It’s a scary feeling and makes me not like flying but I thank God for the chance that I get to fly out and have the shows to do. It’s the only means so I have to do it.”

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