MC Kats became my nightmare – Vyper Ranking reveals

While in interview with Mr. Henrie on Galaxy television, singer Vyper Ranking narrated how one of the NBS After 5 hosts on NBS television Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats at one time turned into a nightmare to him. In his story he narrates how Kats beefed on him on that trying all ways to stop him from getting into the NBS TV cameras, and threatening him each time they got into contact.

“Mc Kats is a person I will never forget for sure because to some extent I started dreaming about him, he became a nightmare to me,” he said.

Vyper says he met Mc Kats trough Dre who was his by then manager and told Kats how they wanted to be hosted at NBS After 5 but getting into the camera wasn’t something easy for him.

“When we met him ,they told him we wanted to be hosted at NBS After 5 show .We were happy to connect with and he said okay this guy has a vibe lets work on him here on the street we don’t need to take him to the studio.” he added.

According to Vyper, after that, things even got much harder because he asked Vyper and his by then manager Dre to first put Fille’s songs on Trace Music , Afropop and Sound Track as password to get into the NBS studios a thing they did. He then gave them appointments but he wasn’t on the venues .

He says Kats did all he can not to let him in the studios but he was disappointed when he was invited on the Katch Up show for a performance.

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