I was born Gay, Arthur Kayima Avuga Lupanka

Arthur Kayima a Uganda comedian, tiktoker and Internet personality who gained popularity on Tik tok as a comedian making videos challenging various beliefs of economic and social life in the country finally announced he is gay. He announced this while in an interview after people trashing and alleging him of being gay due to his acts and character.

He started Tik Tok in 2019 with simple content where he used to upload Dance content and later changed the content in 2020 where he uploaded his first comic video,since then he has been alleged of being gay although he had never come out to confirm it to the public until a few hours ago.

All his acts tell he is gay but no one is sure about this even when he made the official announcement. According to him, he says he is going to confuse everyone as they continue trashing him,he says by the time he will be done with what he is after, people will be shocked but as per a moment he is strong and not shaken.

Arthur Kayima relocated to the United Kingdom last year from Saudi Arabia where he was working since 2019,and since then he has been seen taking photos with the known gay Ugandan based in France Joel Sapuya.And this made some of the netizens believe he was really gay.

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