Pastor Andrew Jengo accepts debt allegations

After a woman known as Camilla coming out yesterday alleging Pastor Andrew Jengo for failing to pay her a debt of 28.5 million shillings, he has clarified it.

He says he can’t deny the debt because it’s true he has not cleared her yet but trying to find all always possible to clear her. Pastor Jengo says this while in an interview with the Spark television journalists.

According to him, the debt was 70 million but he has tried paying it to the amount she claims to be demanding him. He added and said that all the fault is on him but he doesn’t understand why she had to go into news.

He says all this after Camilla disclosing to the media that her children are seated home and therefore need to go to school but pastor. Yinga’s son has totally failed fulfilling his promises but rather lying to her all the time.

He went ahead and exposed her saying she was his employee at ABS television but at the moment she isn’t.

“She was my employee but at a moment she is not. But truth is everyone has debts where some are mine and others aren’t but have tired paying them and I won’t deny her.” He said.

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