Pastor Bugingo pardons his children

After the long misunderstandings between Pastor Bugingo and his family including his matrimonial wife Teddy Bugingo and children, he yesterday during the church service said to have pardoned his children.

He says this has been a process that has taken him so long to heal and that’s why he decided to pardon his children without going into details of why he decided so.

“This has been a process. It has taken me so long to heal that’s why I don’t want to go into details of what am forgiving, I’m forgiving everything,and taking this opportunity to forgive my children, Doreen Bugingo, Blessing Bugingo, Isaac Bugingo,I forgive all of you the bottom of my heart,” he said.

He says this after a period of seven years without keeping in touch with his children. However , he says he has bigger plans for his only son Isaac Bugingo who he says has no idea on what is going on.

It is recalled that Pastor Bugingo’s family split up officially in 2019 when he opened up about why he had separated with wife Teddy Bugingo, since then he has not been in contact with with any of his children his little son son too.

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