Ugandan Baseball Player Sempa Shawali Sherican Being Hunted By Police On Allegations Of Aiding Homosexuality 

Ugandan Baseball Player Sempa Shawali Sherican Being Hunted By Police On Allegations Of Aiding Homosexuality Sempa Shawali Sherican, a talented baseball player is on the Police radar over allegations of aiding and abetting for homosexuality at a baseball school he has been playing from. Credible sources have it that Sempa has been aware of a homosexual relationship between two of his roommates. However, he did nothing about it and kept quiet till the two were discovered and arrested by Police.

It should be noted that the Ugandan Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) in 2023 and it was signed into law by President Museveni in May of the same year. The law had several provisions which include 10 years behind bars for having knowledge about LGBTQ occurrences in an area and keeping quiet about them.

First forward, Sempa Shawali Sherican is one of the best Ugandan baseball players who has played the game of baseball and softball for a couple of years now. The Ugandan has an experience of about 6 years playing at the top level.

However, he left for Gayaza baseball team where he has been playing the game before this debacle. Sempa has always revealed that it is where he sees his game developing for the future as he plans to become one of the biggest baseball players globally.

Apparently, Sempa started playing the game at a very tender age of 15 years. He made his official professional debut in 2016 and has been honing his game till now.
Information coming in clearly shows that Shawali was arrested by Police on May, 30th 2024, following a Police raid that day.

However, he managed to escape from the Police and no one knows about his whereabouts right now. This therefore means that he is on the Police’s wanted list as we speak.

Further sources state that Sempa was arrested after two of his roommates were arrested for engaging in the outlawed homosexual acts. On being quizzed by the authorities if he’s a homosexual too, the aspiring base baller denied this. It’s further reported that he was then asked by the Police to be a witness as his roommates got prosecuted for a thing that he refused.

According to info obtained by this website, Sempa said that he can’t report on something he doesn’t know about as it pertains to other people’s private personal choices.

The Police however didn’t believe him because they couldn’t imagine that he was a roommate of the two yet he had no idea about their homosexual activities thus taking him behind bars to help in the investigations. Meanwhile another source told this website that Sempa is enroute to the US for the MLB trials, one of the biggest franchises in the world in the game of baseball.

Our news team tried so hard to reach out to Sherican but we could not get him as all his phones were switched off at that time. This is still a developing story, however, keep your eyeballs on this website for any updates that come in regarding the arrest of Sempa. Meanwhile his peers are still behind bars awaiting to be sentenced.

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