Calling me a Covid-19 artiste made me work hard – Liam Voice

Zisabusolo Willy known popularly as Liam Voice a singer and recording artist who came on the platform more in the Covid-19 period says being labeled a Covid-19 singer made him work hard to prove he was more than that.

He said this in an interview with local TV. Liam Voice says he wasn’t much bothered with it since he was making huge by the time. However, he wasn’t the only labeled a Covid artiste because others like, Pallaso and more were also labeled so.

But this was because he released various hit singles during the Covid period including “Guma,” a Ugandan Afropop-inspired love song that was produced by Warren D professor and had a video made by Dat Guy Delta, “Bus,” a moving Afro Zouk love ballad, “Love Olinonya,” “Omwoyo,” and more which have won hearts of many young people in the country especially women and girls.

However, his passion for music started in the early 2015 when he was still in secondary school where he often participated in School Dance And Singing Competition a thing that inspired him to pursue music further.

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