Isma Olaxess was a puppet used on me, Alien Skin reveals

The Ragga Mu Seketu genre singer Alien Skin born Mulwana Patrick has revealed on how the late blogger Isma Olaxess real name Ibrahim Tusubira was a puppet used on him by his haters. He revealed this while in an interview with local TV.

Alien said before he didn’t take it serious but later realized that this was Isma’s job role he was playing for people the “Lock Down” singer didn’t disclose on air. However he asserted that people always hate on each other whether they are less or better than them.

He said that when he realized it, he decided to put his eyes off Isma to those that used him as a trap to fail him, that’s why at a certain point his relationship with him decelerated and was no more in media.

He said that even when it was so, he was shocked when he heard that he was shot to death by unknown people.

Alien Skin is a Ugandan singer, song writer and rapper who gained popularity after his music went viral including two singles Towakana and Tulabise.

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