2 bullets will be enough to finish me, Tamale Mirundi Jr

After Tamale Mirundi Jr appearing on the list of those warned to be more vigilant on their lives, movements and more, as they are alleged to be the next killing target, he has requested the murderers to only shoot him only two bullets on the heart when the time comes.

He said this in one of his Facebook live videos and informed whoever will murder him to shoot him only two bullets on the heart and not a full magazine as they did to blogger Isma Olaxess.

Tamale Mirundi Jr says that if his time come, they should give him a few minutes to say goodbye to his mother and tell him where he could have left his car keys.

He added that those to kill him, should never shoot his car like they did to Isma’s, so when they happen to want killing him, he will peaceful accept the moment with all due respect.

It’s recalled that after the death of blogger Isma Olaxess, many bloggers and political analyst that have all the time been attacking the government are in fear after a list of people next to be killed being exposed by NUP blogger Lumbuye.

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