All we know about Barista Timo Elchapo, Jajja ichuli’s caller

Barista Timo Elchapo Monalisa Ichuli is the talk of the day on most of the social media platforms right now. This follows the death of Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess popularly known as Jajja Ichuli. A number of social media in-laws have linked Barista Timo to the shooting down of the president of Bloggers Association Uganda.

Barista Timo revealed that he is among those who called Jajja Ichuli just an hour before the controversial vlogger was shot down. Additionally, he left Uganda immediately after learning about the shooting of Isma for a safe heaven in Dubai, UAE. This has now left a couple of questions hanging unanswered.

Why did Barista Timo leave Uganda immediately after the shooting of Isma?

According to the troubled and upcoming blogger, he revealed that he called Isma on Saturday, requesting for an urgent meeting. Ichuli agreed to meet him [Barista] but he asked him to wait at the Munyonyo roundabout since he [Isma] was travelling back home after a small party with his friends.

“I was not able to meet ichuli in time due to the poor roads in town therefore Jajja Ichuli asked me to meet him the following day,” Elchapo said.

To cut the long story short, Barista Timo was the last person who was communicating to Isma before his assassination. Immediately he heard that Isma had been assassinated, he rebooked his ticket in less than an 1 hr he was out of the country. He used a very short time to rebook a ticket, and get a flight at the time. If you are smart, you know his ticket was already booked.

Above all, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni vowed to ensure that Isma Olaxess’ killers are apprehended and brought to book.

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