We shouldn’t celebrate anyone’s death, Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has cautioned his followers to never celebrate anyone’s death. The sudden death of blogger Isma Olaxess has played as lesson to many people in the country. This is because his sudden death come a few days after he celebrated the killing of Minister Engola on one of his Facebook live shows, who was also shot to death by his bodyguard in the same vicinity.

While in a service, pastor Aloysius Bugingo of Canaan Land gave a word of wisdom to his followers and asked them never to celebrate anyone’s death following the recent incident. He says in the African tradition, no one is entitled to celebrate death even when it happens to the ones they don’t like.

He says in real life no one is a hundred percent (100%) perfect and bad at the same time. He asserted that when one dies, it’s only good supposed to be said unto them not hate as some people are portraying after particular people dying.

The Salt media CEO also said that every individual is good only to those that like them and bad to their haters. He added that one might celebrate the bad happening to those they don’t like not knowing that the very thing is coming their way.

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