Jose Chameleone issues Apology for kissing Weasel Manizo

Finally the legendary singer doctor Jose Chameleone has apologized for his insane act of kissing with his brother Weasel Manizo on Friday 24, February at Gwanga Mujje concert stage at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

He apologizes after people especially netizens going hard on him and some alleging him to be one of those that promote homosexuality in the country.

In the video, the Kipepewo singer says he regrets what he did with brother but all was high energy and excitement and he regrets it.

“My names are Jose Chameleone Mayanja. I hope this message finds everybody well, I want to thank you my fans, friends the whole country, the whole continent for supporting Gwanga Mujje the long awaited concert that we enjoyed last weekend.

I wish to use this opportunity to also apologize to my fans and friends for the deed me and Weasel shared on stage. I know most of my friends are offended and didn’t. I sincerely apologize it was much energy and excitement I actually regret it, the energy was high and it was a wrong way to share it with Weasel my brother and I also apologize on behalf of him. Thank you for accepting my apologies.” Jose Chameleone said.

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