Joshua Baraka’s NANA song trends number one on Apple music

Joshua Baraka a Ugandan singer, producer and recording artist has today reached a mile stone after one of his greatest song called “NANA’ trending number one on Apple music.

He came to popularity in 2021 after he released his debut album(EP) released July 30, 2021. Joshua Baraka started singing in 2016 where he started practicing the Piano, he would however start recording his first songs in 2020 releasing his first songs in self-Titled EP Baby Steps that introduced the him into mainstream music.

Joshua Baraka has released different songs like NANA, Tewekweka,I Do,Run Be Me ,Next to You among others including EPs titled Baby steps which he released in 2021 and Watershed.

Upon his song “NANA” trending top on Apple music, different Ugandans on all social media blogs including Twitter, Facebook and more have congratulated him upon reaching the success.

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