Dan Magic responds to critiques after Bobi’s Nalumansi release

Since NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine dropped his latest song ‘Nalumansi’ produced by Sir Dan Magic, many people have been criticizing saying he is an old fashioned producer.

But through an interview with local journalists, Dan Magic responded to all the haters saying they all critized on how he produced the song because they completely failed to understand the song.

“They totally failed to understand it especially, that’s why you see most people have different thoughts about the song.” He said.

Known for producing Bobi Wine’s songs, Dan said he is also being attacked because some individuals can’t hit directly the singer to the song and so decided to hit him the producer.

He added that production is not all about sitting in the studio and work on a singer’s song just like that. He said one needs to love the song plus each word in the song for good production.

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