Gababugumye! Men who chewed TikToker Mackline Juliet call out their mothers for help

After Tiktoker Mackline Juliet Nakalema making a video advising all men that once enjoyed her sumbie to go for a blood check up yesterday after testing positive for the killer disease HIV, these have attacked her.

Through the other video also making rounds online, the mentioned men in the first video after receiving the notice gathered themselves and attacked Juliet asking her for her alleged results.

The latest info in is Mackline Juliet has been taken forcefully by Sun Ug, one of the guys she mentioned in her viral video. Sun Ug was helped by Jallah Trophy, a bouncer from BARISTA TIMO’s house. Hmm, Sun Ug revealed that he reached out to his mother for help and guidance because he is all stressed after Juliet revealed that he enjoyed her sumbie.

But she insists and tells them to go and do there own tests if they know they ate the sumbie. However she in the video says that they shouldn’t be with the urge to see her results but instead do the needful for their lives.

She said this after one of the sumbie eaters insisting on seeing her results claiming that it’s his mother that wants to see it! Oba now why his mother I think that is excuse for him because how important are her results to him.

But according to the conversation in the video , these don’t believe are infection with HIV even when they don’t deny having enjoyed her celebrity sumbie.

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