Socialite Emily Smith jumps to the rescue of Bruno K’s neglected Mama Kikaaba

Despite the tears that she has flooded in the past couple of days and the past few years off camera, singer Bruno K’s baby mama Vanessa has a reason to smile. This is after UK based Ugandan socialite and philanthropist Emily Smith reached out to her.

Known for her humanitarian nature, Emily through some of he people back in Uganda sent quite a number of items to Vanessa.

These included food stuffs such as wheat, bread ,cooking oil, soda, soap among many others.

There was also liquid money given to Vanessa by these representatives of Emily.

Also, the socialite also had a phone call chat with Vanessa who was unbelievably happy and in tears over this gesture.

Emily Smith advised Vanessa to never do the same mistake because she’s now mature and yet she was younger and naive by then.

On top of that, Emily told her not to blame herself because most male celebrities are just like Bruno K.

They impregnate girls and run away from responsibility.

But luckily for Vanessa, Emily felt touched after sne saw her story on renowned blogger Jose da Blogga’s Facebook page.

Vanessa also recently underwent a cancer test and is awaiting results.

Emily however comforted her to keep positive in this trying moment of her life.

The socialite also told Vanessa that she will in future be reaching out occasionally to help her out where necessary.

It should be recalled that Vanessa story came to the limelight after a friend of hers went bare knuckles with Bruno K on Twitter.

Apparently Bruno ballooned Vanessa but ran away leaving her to shoulder the burden of the pregnancy till birth.

Even after giving birth, his help to her has been staggered.

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