Tiktoker Juliet exposes celebrities who chonged her sumbie after finding out she is HIV positive

Mackline Juliet Nakalema as she calls herself has through a video making rounds on social media exposed celebrities that chew her bean after finding out she is HIV positive.

In the video, she says her mission is not exposing them as it’s said to be but rather let them know about her status . She says all she currently cares about is the life of all the men that have ever enjoyed her bean.

Juliet on that said she is not one that can make it surviving on pills and that’s why she decided reaching out to all her clients through the video so they also go for a blood check up and find out their statuses.

She on that mentioned a few names of the celebrities she remembers chewing her including manager Mutawe, Jemo, San Ug among others and advised them to find out their health status so they start medication if found not lucky.

However according to her, the mentioned names aren’t the only that managed enjoying her but because they are a public finger, she had too because their lives is her priority.

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