Why did Jeff Kiwa fire Grenade Official? Whole Truth

According to the information reaching Naster Ug news desk, it is said that the known talent manager Jeff Kiwa fired Grenade Official. This comes a few months after the manager fired Rahma Pinky who he had replaced in Sheebah Karungi‘s position after she left the his management in 2021.

It is said that Jeff Kiwa lost patience with him on issues concerning drugs and bonking sugar mummy. According to the our source from Team No Sleep , the sugar mummy had made Grenade get so proud after promising Babadana singer heaven on earth and bankrolling his music career.

It is alleged that earlier this year, he was gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz 4MATIC. With all this that his been loaded by the sugar mummy, took him wild and could no longer listen to Jeff Kiwa hence firing him.

However, It said that by the time Jeff Kiwa fired him, he had already employed another manger who is currently not known.

It should be recalled that Jeff has been firing his artistes on concerns of going above limits including Rahma Pinky who was said to be engaging in love with men in the apartment paid by him a thing he couldn’t tolerate .This happened two months ago .

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