Karma Ivien signs Nince Henry

Talent manger Karma Ivien has today signed Nince Henry a musician, and songwriter Nince who rose to popularity in Ugandas’ music industry after writing successful songs to some big musicians in Uganda like Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru and others.

The Mpola Mpola singer signed a mutual agreement with Karma Ivien today and he is now officially managed by him. He has released songs like “Cinderella,” “Mali yangu,” “mpola mpola,” among others.

In 2012, Nince wrote songs with Juliana for some projects,this happened after he wrote ‘Sikyakaaba’, a song that Juliana was supposed to put out. Nince and Juliana did not agree on everything, though, and they both wrote songs with the same title and lyrics. This made it hard to figure out who owned the song, which made it less likely that the two musicians would work together again.

At the start, Nince Henry made music by writing songs but later started making music recordings. In 2011, he released a song called “Cinderella,” which helped him break into the Ugandan music business.

He joins Pallaso, Fik Femaica and among others that have been managed by the same management.

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