Tiktoker Jose Chakala’s Award put into VAR

After Tiktoker Jose Chakala’s success winning the Best African Content Creator Awards in San Francisco, United States of America in the Cinematic Vision Awards 2023 , Ugandans have come out to disapprove the news after he circulated on media with pictures of him with the award.

According to the Ugandan bloggers and netizens such as Jajja Iculi,Bad Black among others have through there social media handle requested Chakala to give them photos of the event to prove his right about him winning the awards.

“So this boy won an international award from U.S.A naye it looks like zino award ne ku google teziriko. Wabewo ampereza link ndabe ku list yabawanguzi😂even the event pictures😂”

So you boy won an international award from U.S.A but it looks like these awards don’t even appear anywhere on google. Let someone send me the link so I have a look at the list of winners😂 even the event pictures 😂,” Bad Black tweeted.

And Isma Olaxess, through his Facebook page congratulated him upon winning the a ward but after said he is still wondering how Chakala won the award.

He then went a head and asked him how he reached the awards ,who he won and the events photos.

“How did you win the Best African Content Creator award? Did you win it in the corridors!! Where is the event and whom did you win.

Did you win it at night, did you win it in silence? How did you win the it Chakala?” he said.

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