Julie Birungi destroys Suzan Makula with an ice cold reply

Julie Birungi aka Julie Mutesasira ex wife to Pastor Mutesasira has responded to Suzan Makula the current wife to Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries also known as Canaan land after calling her stupid because she is lesbian as she was preaching. Julie says she is not stupid as Suzan calls her.

In Suzan’s preaching, she said she liked her music so much and it used to deep her into Spirit but ever since she turned stupid she is calling out people proving to them that what she decided is the right path a thing Julie denies.

Julie says Suzan used to play her songs on Salt TV and they knew each other but they weren’t friends as she says. On that she advised her put her name right because she isn’t Julie Mutesasira. She replied her through her Facebook page.

“Wabula Suzan Makula ndi musilu 😂😂 olimba mukwano I WONT SAY A WORD and by the way you got the name wrong it’s not Julie Mutesasira. AND AM NOT LOOKING FOR SUPPORT AT ANY POINT NEITHER AM I RECRUITING ANYBODY AS YOU THINK. This is my life and will always be my life. Preach Jesus, his love, faithfulness that’s all.

By the way, Suzan used to play my songs era I used to take them to her ku Salt but I didn’t know she was co Habbiting with a married man just like she didn’t know my sexuality. Yes true I knew her but we were not friends 👍 hope that answers the question if I knew her,” Julie Birungi posted.

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