Buchaman – Government should legalize cannabis

Mark Bugembe a ghetto youth raised in Mukono, but now a ghetto superstar who says chose the stage name Buchaman because most people in his family including his father are butchers says government should legalize cannabis in the country if it wants to improve in the creativity stimulation of drugs in the country. Known for being the president adviser in the ghetto says that many people in the ghetto are leaving a good health because of their endless use of cannabis.

He said this while in an interview with Spark Tv and he revealed the good in using cannabis especially in one’s daily life. Buchaman says that if CBD ‘ cannabis ‘ and TCH its powder are used worldwide, then the government should think of legalizing it and recommend it for personal use because it’s one of the best natural boosters in a human body.

He added that cannabis was one of the remedies that people used during the pandemic period and it surely helped them but government didn’t not consider that but recommended them use covidex instead. Buchaman says this in the time many people especially men are have resorted to using cannabis on tea in different parts of the country.

But even when government has legalized it use to the public, many people are growing it and use it on different things basing on their knowledge about it.

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