Alien skin denies beating up a bouncer

After rumor going around on social media that singer Alien Skin had terribly beat up a bouncer to losing his teeth ,he came out clarified and denied that he didn’t beat him up as it’s alleged of him.

Yesterday a gym instructor and bouncer Ntale Tony came to media seeking for justice with claim that the Sitya Danger singer had terribly smashed his jaw.

He says this happened on Sunday at based bar Club Voxy in Makidye where Alien Skin and his gang entered the bar and never wanted being checked, he says as he was trying checking him , the singer punched him on the jaw so terribly and as we talk he is bed ridden.

When Alien Skin was asked about the saga he denied everything saying he wasn’t even at the said bar that day and that he literally doesn’t know who the bouncer that claims of being beaten up by him is.

He went ahead and said that not everyone will love him so they will try tarnishing his name as it has always been even to other celebrities like Bobi Wine among others.

He added that people especially celebrities are entitled to have security not because they are crimals but because they need to be protected and on that gave an example of the late Mowzey Radio and AK47 who died carelessly because of not coming having security around them.

” Why does the president move with security? Is he a criminal? Once you don’t care about yourself, they will kill you, Radio Mowezy and AK-47 died in a careless manner but if they had security, they would have been alive today’s,” he said

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