Record Elah Butida shades chicken tears as mother disowns him

Record Elah Butida the Bakabasajja Banyuma singer has today shade chicken tears in front of camera after his mother disowned him. According to our source, he says his now on his own after what his mother alleging him of not helping her, his children and wife but rather go in the ghetto and spoils himself with drugs and alcohol.

But according to him, he has always been providing them with the little he could afford because he is currently not a well off niga as his mother presumes. Record Elah Butida says it’s so sad that his mother nolonger wants to know whatever is going on his life.

He says this after his mother went bitter and said she nolonger cares about what goes on in his on that wished him to die saying after all he has helped him nowhere but instead putting her into news because of his stupid acts.

However, he said that whatever has happened he still loves his mother so much regardless of the accusations that he is denying.

Record Elah Butida says he has never insulted anyone and no one has ever cought him using drugs as mother says but it’s media causing him all this saga because it can never reveal good on someone but find their worst and put it into circulation.

Even after all this, his mother says he is tired of him and ready to accept she made a lose giving birth to him.

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