Tamale Mirundi Junior vows to face whoever insults his father

Tamale Mirundi Junior is ready to face whoever is insulting his father after he mocked the king of Buganda his Highness Ronald Mutebi ll while in an interview with with Known YouTuber Kasuku a few days ago. He says he is not going to seat back and watch Ugandans insult his father in all kinds y disrespect.

Junior says Ugandans want to see his father apologizing but that’s not going to happen because they are not cowards to be threatened by any kind of person. He on that said whatever his father said was truth but because people hate it, they’re looking over it and attacking his father in a way he can never accept.

Tamale Mirundi Junior says people’s of objectives of scaring his family, intimidating them and wanting Kasuku not host his father again have all failed because nothing of them has gone through. He also advised Ugandans to always take one at fault to court for judgement and not them drawing judgments because they are not God neither Judges.

He went a head and warned everyone insulting his dad that he is ready teaching them a lesson until the very end.

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