Did Mikie Wine DUMP his lost rib Shazney Khan? Whole Truth

The latest gossip making rounds on social media platforms alleges that singer Mikie Wine parted ways with sweet girlfriend Shazney Khan. However, the biggest question is, did these two really break up or it’s just a stunt for Mikie Wine’s next project. Well here is the whole truth you need to know about this rumor.

Michael Mukwaya also known as Mike Wine one of NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s young brothers has refused opening up to media on allegations of him splitting up with his wife Shazney Khan.

While in an interview as one of the local TV journalist tried questioning him about his family affairs as rumors have spread online about him partying ways with wife, Mike said whatever the case is,he doesn’t talk about his family affairs to a public eye.

He said he was natured right and no one should think he just grew in body to the extent of expecting him spill beans about his family.

He said if the allegations of him partying ways with his wife is claimed to have been revealed through her social media platforms, the she should be the one to answer questions about the topic not him.

Surprisingly, regardless of how much the journalist tried getting a word out of him about it, it was all in vain.

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