Nyege Nyege festival 2023 Update, Jinja City Hotels All Booked

Nyege Nyege festival 2023 Update: As revelers prepare themselves to attend one of the biggest festivals in East Africa and Africa as a whole, we have been alerted that most of the hotels in the heart of Jinja City are fully booked.

The above event that happened last year from 15th to 18th September 2022 at Itanda Falls. Additionally, it attracted fun-lovers from all parts of the world and most of them stayed in Jinja.

For Starters, let us answer one of the mostly asked question by our website visitors.

When is Nyege Nyege 2023, How Much Are The Tickets and Where Will it be Happening?

Nyege Nyege 2023 festival will be held from November 9th to 12th in Jinja City, covering a combined space of about 50 acres, with diehard tickets already on sale for Ugx120,000 and more than 300 performers are expected to perform at the event.

“Jinja hoteliers are making a killing with most registering 100% bookings. Currently it’s virtually impossible to get a hotel booking for next week in and around Jinja City,” Jinja City said.

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