Aziz Azion to perform all his songs at Strings of Love Concert 2023

Ugandan singer-songwriter and guitarist Aziz Mukisa, professionally known by his stage name Aziz Azion has promised his fans that he will be performing all his songs during his strings of Love concert 2023. The singer made his point clear on Thursday, September 21 as he officially announced his upcoming music concert dubbed “Strings of Love”.

“I will perform all my songs for my fans who will come and support me at my music concert,” Aziz Azion said.

During the concert press conference, the singer also made it clear that BET award winning artist Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo won’t make it to his concert.

“Sometimes a person will come to you to work together when they have their other hidden intentions and once they get what they want, then they will treat you like trash. Such people exist in the world but they don’t stop us from moving,” Azion told journalists in reference to his fallout with Kenzo.

The two talented singers started off their music careers back in 2010. They, however, had a bitter split as one accused the other of treachery.

Kenzo first came out accusing Azion of throwing him out of their group.

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“I started my music career with Aziz and on the way when I had just done my song titled Lonely, we got a misunderstanding and he fired me. In fact, he told me never ever to cross or appear in his face again. Since then he has never called me to go back,” Kenzo said back in 2020.

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