Alien Skin statement on Opposition Political parties shocks his fans

Fangone Forest Entertainment CEO & Fangone Unity Platform founder Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin has done what it all takes to stay relevant in the media. The singer has revealed to Ugandans that Uganda as a country is not developing because of the existence of Opposition Political parties.

This kind of submission has left many who believed in him so disappointed and they immediately advised him to keep off politics. This is because they believe that this is going to be the major factor to his downfall completely.

“Opposition political parties are the major reason why development in Uganda is at a very low pace. Most of the opposition members of parliament are just fooling people because they benefit from all they do. Hmm, I ask myself why Opposition members of parliament keep receiving salary from the very government they oppose. I can boldly repeat this all day that we are nothing as a country because of politics. If I become president under my political party FUP, that will be the end to political parties,” Alien Skin.

What do you guys make of Alien Skin’s statements regarding opposition political parties and politics in general.

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