Spyda MC Biography, Age, Children – Abantu Mukisa singer Speaks Out

Spyda MC is a famous Ugandan Rapper, song writer and internet personality who born in Kampala in 1990, Uganda. Additionally, he is a father blessed with a 3-year-old son called Miles Abban and also married to Winnie Nakaddu. However, according to the Abantu Mukisa singer, he revealed that they are no longer having a serious relationship with his ex-wife though they are now co-parenting.

Spyda revealed the main reason behind the entire production of his popular song lyrics titled Abantu Mukisa hit song. According to him, he notes that the social political differences and land disputes people have faced in the past years are behind the lyrics of his song.

The rapper too noted that he chose to do hip hop because it is where his passion lies and he feels he can’t live without it. He also revealed that he does not want money to define who he is simply because it will always follow him if he does follow the right steps.

Spyda MC also revealed to Naster Ug why he was not able to complete his course at University. The rapper notes that someone misused the money and they promised to pay it back but they did not do it in time. Therefore he was not able to complete the course of his dreams at University.

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While speaking to Naster Ug News team, Spyda MC spoke about his wife and the number of children he intends to have in the future.

“I have no wife or child in the Ugandan Ghetto but I have a 3-year-old son called Miles Abban born to me and her mother or my ex-wife called Winnie Nakaddu, who has spent most of her life in Denmark. That is where my real son is with my ex-wife. Additionally, they recently came to Uganda to check up on me and they went back. Hmm, to be honest I and my wife Nakaddu just met and we did not even plan to have our first child but stuff just happened and we sat and agreed to be parents and raise our son,” Spyda MC revealed.

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