They are stupid – Crysto Panda to musicians who think he bribes DJs

TV personality and singer Crysto Panda real name Herbert Kityamuweesi has gone bitter to all musicians who thinks of him bribes djs in his program and don’t play their music.

Panda says all those that think he corrupts djs are stupid because he never mixes his work and his job. He added that he is not the one that always plays music in his shows.

The ‘Mpele” singer added that he always has djs that play songs in shows and has no control over that because it’s not his role while.

He went ahead and added that if there is any dj he has ever worked with, and worked under his orders, they should come out and reveal it because he has never done so.

Crysto Panda says he always wants to know how big different songs are through the TV viewers requests.

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