Putting me down is very uncalled for, Pallaso warns David Lutalo

Yesterday evening singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso shown his an happiness when he wrote on his Twitter page on how he wasn’t at any moment pleased with fellow singer David Lutalo’s submission on his music career while he was in an interview with a local TV .

Pallaso says putting him down in such a kind manner was really not called for. He said David Lutalo shouldn’t forget he reached were he is by his music and not words so underrating him in an interview will never make him better than him at any moment.

The Maama singer says the only way Lutalo can ever be better than him is in the past. He on that went a head and informed him that he should know music changed so changing his old music style will make him better. He on that also warned him to never try testing him.

“Watching David Lutalo interview and how he puts me down in his opinion is very uncalled for. I didnt reach here by words but by music.The only way you can ever be better than me is in the past. Music has grown and you need to change that old style. Dont test me Boy.” He wrote.

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