DJ Brown Skin mercilessly records wife dying after poisoning herself

Kenyan dj Brown Skin real name Hamisi Ramadhan trends on Twitter after a viral video in which he is allegedly said to have recorded his wife dying after poisoning herself in his front.

Apparently, his wife whose names have not been disclosed yet is already buried and this is proven by Brown Skin himself as he possed for a photo at her burial ground.

But before all this happening according to the recorded video making rounds on social media, his baby mama now the deceased is seen mixing poison in a cup and immediately taking it.

No one knows why she opted to drink it in front of her baby daddy, but this wasn’t of help to her because instead of being helped, DJ Brown Skin decided to record evidence that it’s his wife that killed herself.

However all this happened , as the maid, and her children watched her dying helplessly.

This should be a lesson to everyone in love out there, reason you might think your partner is so much in love and interested in you that they can not take it seeing you going through certain situations, but that’s a lie .

Because if he managed to watch her baby mama die in his front with out helping her then that leaves question marks??

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