I Am a senior two drop out – Bad Black to netizens

A few weeks ago, Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black a Kampala socialite opened up a YouTube channel. She revealed this through her social media platforms and requested her followers to subscribe on it.

Since then, she has been uploading videos and guess what’s amazing! She most times while on the channel uses English and not her mother language ‘Luganda’. This has made many of her followers request her upgrade on her English saying it hecks them and because of that, she has come out and revealed on how she is a senior two dropout.

Shanitah Namuyimbwa through her Twitter blog has answered to her followers and subscribers saying that she is a senior two drop and with that they shouldn’t be bothered with her English.

“Those saying mbu simanyi luzungu you are just goats😅mind u am s2 dropout!”

However this has not put her on safer sides because as some of her followers have defended her saying her English is just enough for those that love her in the comment section, many still critized her saying she shouldn’t say a word about it because if she doesn’t know ,she doesn’t nothing will change.

“Those saying mbu simanyi luzungu you are just goats😅mind u am s2 dropout!” Bad Black tweeted

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