Shidy Stylo- A man is not supposed to love a fellow man

While in an interview with local YouTuber, Shidy Stylo real name Kasibante Rashid aka Mr Kampala revealed on how he is against homosexuality. He says this in a state where government has failed to publicly be against the act.

Shidy says that according to his religion, it recommends a man to marry a man and not love a fellow man. He says that since the Might has ever punished this world because of the same act, he is not ready to see him ruin earth again.

He on that added that he can’t even tolerate seeing someone that engage themselves in the act because he doesn’t want to see God punishing the world as he has ever done before.

“I am a muslim and my religion says that a man must marry, a man is not supposed to love a fellow man and personally am against that act , reason Allah has ever punished this world because of that act. So I can’t allow seeing on the mighty powers,” he said.

Shidy Stylo says this in a period homosexuality is highly increasing in the country and the big men silent about the issue

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