Vinka’s husband Nelly Witta Arrested, Here is Why

Swangz Avenue‘s singer Veronica Lugya aka Vinka is struggling after her husband Nelson Witta aka Nelly Witta was arrested earlier this morning. According to our credible news sources, failed politician who doubles as her husband and baby daddy was allegedly arrested along with other two unidentified men.

A lot of rumor is surrounding the arrest of Vinka’s husband as many have linked his arrest to robbery. According to social media in-laws, Nelly has been involved in scandals of Gold theft a couple of times and this could be one of the reasons leading to his arrest.

“Vinka’s husband Nelly has been involved in gold theft scandals many times. He was one time apprehended in Dubai where he strangled an Arab man and took off with gold worth millions of money. However, he thought that the guy had died but he survived and on a very sad note, he could recognize the culprits. He [Nelly] was taken to jail where he spent a couple of nights and even some people thought he was on a life sentence but no one knows how he escaped,” Serah Sash, a social media in-law revealed.

Faded blogger Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng also gave his side of the story following the morning arrest of Vinka’s husband Nelly Witta.

“Vinka’s Husband (Nelly) in the middle together with his 2 friends were arrested this morning ,He was found red handed inside Someone’s Fence in Nalya residence. Ebizibiti byebamusanze nabyo mubademu ekyangwe Ekiganda,Ekikongolilo ekikutta ebigeere nokutaa ssapatu,Olujjo lwebasililamu emumbwa,Omukeeka gwa cha-chi,Ebikooyi ebyabadde biwanikidwa ku wire,Olweeyo lwamukonzikonzi,Akaveera akabadde kilo 2 eza mukene ,Akatebbe mwasajute,…Nelly nebaane bakusimbibwa mumaaso gomulamuzi olwaleero babiteebye,” Peng Penge posted.

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