Wisdom Kaye vs Tamale Mirundi Junior fight, Kaye spills Junior’s secrets

Wisdom Kaye vs Tamale Mirundi – Gospel artist and social media influencer Wisdom Kaye has gone at loggerheads with Tamale Mirundi Junior son to NRM veteran Tamale Mirundi Senior. During a Facebook Live with CEO Real Life Family Muhangi Richard aka MC Richie, Kaye spilled all the secrets of Tamale Mirundi Junior.

According to Kaye, he revealed why Tamale Mirundi Jr separated with his ex-girlfriend Tasha. Additionally, he revealed that Junior doesn’t work in the Ministry of Lands though he keeps bragging that he has a contract with the above ministry.

Wisdom Kaye also revealed to social media in-laws that Tamale Mirundi senior’s son is impotent and doesn’t know how to make love. Hmm, he also said that he loves attacking ladies and men from behind which confirmed to the public that he is part of the rainbow family.

“I am so sorry my fellow Ugandans to reveal the bitter truth about my friend Junior. I am tired of the so called influencers who live a fake life to use that advantage to play around with peoples’ daughters. Junior is jobless and I can authoritatively say that he doesn’t have any contract with the Ministry of Lands. If at all he has one, I am ready to give him 5M ugx in cash. Additionally his father fell out with him because he belongs to the rainbow family,” Kaye Wisdom said.

We shall keep you guys updated as more information regarding this battle between Wisdom Kaye vs Tamale Mirundi comes in.

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