Promoter Abitex – I didn’t betray Bobi Wine’s revolutionary struggle

Abby Musigunzi aka Promoter Abitex one of the biggest and famous promoters in the country isn’t at any moment happy with NUP president Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine calling him a traitor because he has been there for him from day one to the end.

He said that many have kept changing to different political parties including his closet friend Bajjo who once joined the party in power NRM and later quit it among others but he always stood up still.

Promoter Abitex said he has no problem with people going for political parties they want because that’s always entitled to them but he should have excluded him in the group.

“Bobi Wine had to exclude me while answering to that question because Full Figure went in NRM which is not a crime because everyone is entitled to the political they want.

Am that person that has been there for Kyagulanyi Setamu from day one to the end. Not because he always does right, there are things he does wrong as a person but I was still there for him.” He said.

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