Prima Kardash – I don’t care about a man’s insecurities

Ugandan famous beautician and socialite Prima Kardash has through an interview with local TV revealed on how she never cares about a man’s insecurities.

She said this after being asked on what she usually does when she goes to Dubai and Indonesia as it was lately said by her baby daddy Geo Steady through his Facebook page a few months ago as the two were in a bitter war after Geo dumped Prima in the time she thought they were getting back together as a couple a few years after their separation.

Prima says she is a business woman and usually takes 1-2 trips to Dubai every year. She asserted that she usually goes there for business and fan too, so if a man at one point feels insecure about her business, she doesn’t care.

She said this in away of clearing herself from the dirty works she was claimed to be doing everywhen she goes to the two countries with one of her besties Spice Diana.

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