Karole Kasita distances self from Gravity Omutujju’s chicken fight

Lately news has been across all media platforms alleging Karole Kasita being in a bitter war with a Luganda rapper Gravity Omutujju after the two featuring in a song said to be promoted by the war.

But while in an interview with local journalists, Karole Kasita cleared the air on the alleged war and said she is in good terms Gravity.

She also went a head and said that they have always been in good terms and no one should start presuming they are battling.

Kasita says this after she badly attacked Gravity Omutujju with claims that he was much on her family particularly her husband.

This happened after Gravity posting a post where he talked about men that go for others wives forgetting that there’s can as well be done to the same thing.

However , all is cleared up and everyone is entitled to say whatever they like about the scandal the ” Yaka” singer asserted.

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