Pastor Bugingo goes Bitter on Uncle Bean

CEO salt media and pastor at Cananan Land Aloysius Bugingo has gone bitter on Uncle Bean one of the Bizonto family after turning into a python after being fired from the media house. Bugingo said this while in a service at Cananan Land.

He said that if anyone is working for a company that never belongs to them, they should always be aware of being fired or not. Bugingo added that many students out there be interested in the very jobs and at the same time having good business ideas so they can’t deny them positions.

He went ahead and asserted that he wonders how someone that left his media house very good looking and healthy turns out to be trashing it that badly with claims that it’s his wife Suzan Makula at fault.

Bugingo says this after uncle Bean endlessly exposing and ashaming his wife in so many different ways that he can’t tolerate anymore.

He added that he shouldn’t say it’s Makula’s fault since he has worked with different media houses but still failed working with them on a long term. On that he said that if things didn’t go well as he expected while working with his media house, he should let go and move on than trashing him .

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