Mc Kats Stings Ugandan Record labels

Mc Kats is mad at Ugandan Record labels. This follows after the famous television personality Mc Kats real name Edwin Katamba went silent on is battle with Swangz Avenue CEO Julius Kyaze on issues of not paying him days back when he worked with the team. However, he has now broken the silence through his Twitter blog.

He says some country’s record labels didn’t allow their artistes post Jose Chameleon’s Gwanga Mujje concert but pretend to love the Ugandan music industry, in the tweet he calls them drainers who cheat the industry.

“Some Record Label didn’t allow its artists post about @JChameleone but if Full you fool pretending to love this music industry u just a user drainer cheat yes am still mad,” he wrote.

While in an interview with Kasuku previously, Mc Kats aka king of the Mic attacked the Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze with claims of over working him with out any pay on that emphasizing on how he contributed so much to the key industry player Swangz Avenue but didn’t get appreciate enough.

With that it’s believed this tweet was directly pointed at Swangz Avenue as a record label.

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