Judith Heard unveils Premier Consultancy Boutique

Ugandan fashion model and event host Judith Allen, popularly known as Judith Heard has launched her latest venture dubbed Premier Consultancy Boutique. This all happened at a prestigious corporate dinner cocktail event held at Kampala Serena Hotel. The launch, executed in collaboration with Kadanke Events, showcased the convergence of tourism. Additionally it also showcased Judith’s illustrious profile, and the cutting-edge trends within the modern hospitality industry.

Many different diplomatic dignitaries, government officials, and prominent figures from the lifestyle and fashion society of East Africa attended this event. Additionally, a 3-minute documentary highlighting Judith’s remarkable journey as a model and social impact icon was played on a big screen. This therefore set the stage for the unveiling of Premier Consultancy Boutique’s services, strategically based in Uganda and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Sundowners band, led by Blu*3’s lead singer, Lilian Mbabazi put up a sublime performance for the audience thus creating a fantastic mood at the launch of the Premier Consultancy Boutique.

“We are dedicated to fostering connections between the United Arab Emirates and Africa through tourism. As an innovative company, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including seamless travel experiences, effective social media management, personalized shopping, and unparalleled hospitality,” Judith Heard said.

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