Don’t segregate HIV victims, Mc Kats speaks to the public

NBS TV’s After 5 presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has urged the general public not to isolate HIV victims. Yesterday, the Baganda and all the people in the Buganda region gathered together in Kabaka’s Palace ‘Lubiri’ in Mengo to celebrate the Kings 68th birthday day in what is called the Kabaka birthday run which happens every year with an aim of fighting HIV/AIDs in Kabaka’s people and Uganda as a whole.

With that, MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba was one of the people who were given a platform to address Kabaka’s people about the virus since he is one of the victims.

He said people shouldn’t not segregate those they happen to know are victims to the virus because that’s one of the things that put them into much depression than anything else.

He added and said that if one finds out they have HIV, they shouldn’t give up because that’s isn’t the end of life but all they should do is start medication immediately.

Kats added that HIV victims shouldn’t feel less in their societies because they have equal opportunities with those without it and can stand on bigger platforms than anyone else.

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