Liam Voice & Women are Inseparable, Singer Reveals

Zisabusolo Willy aka Liam Voice has through an interview with local TV revealed on how he can never be separated from women because they are the reason he is still standing, his besties and a large number of them are his fans.

He said this after he was asked on whether he mistreats women as it was alleged earlier on Tiktok by a woman he never denied knowing her.

According to the woman, she said Liam is one of the people that preach against those that mistreat others especially women, but then happens to be among them.

However, he said he will not talk about his private life in public but he up to now hasn’t understood why the person he knew went a head and did a kind of thing.

Liam Voice is a Ugandan singer, song writer and recording artist who is famous for his R&B and soul music . He came to popularity in 2021 after his song Bus went viral on Tik Tok making him a countrywide star with wide recognition from music critics.

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