Did Kuluthum’s relationship with Akram end in tears? Whole truth

There has been a concern from social media in-laws to know whether Dr. Kulthum Nabunya’s relationship with engineer Akram ended in premium tears. This follows after Akram Gumisiriza was seen in a TikTok video crying like a baby who is yarning to breastfeed.

Well, Dr. Kuluthum has revealed the main reason behind her husband’s viral video. According to late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s widow, she revealed that Akram Gumisiriza was doing a challenge of a song dubbed ‘Please Forgive me’. Additionally, she revealed that it was a simple gesture to show how much he [Akram] loves her so much.

She also distanced herself from pregnancy rumors that had earlier gone viral on various social media platforms.

“I am not pregnant,” Dr. Kuluthum said.

Engineer Akram Gumisiriza also confirmed to Naster Ug that he is ready to love Dr. Kuluthum until death does them apart. He also called upon social media in-laws to mind their business because their relationship will never ever end in tears.

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