People lose temper – Kenzo defends Pallaso after Alien Skin’s fight

President of Uganda National Musicians Federation ( UNMF) Eddy Kenzo has through an interview with local journalists said that people lose temper everywhere even in the big offices.

He says this, after Pallaso a member on the committee leading Ugandan artistes engaged in a fight with upcoming singer Mulwana Patrick known popularly as Alien Skin on a Monday evening on matters that haven’t been disclosed until now.

Kenzo says people fight but good with this saga, Pallaso regrets his actions since he admitted that he was wrong. However he promises the public that this matter is going to be sorted soon since both the musicians are very close to the federation but it will be done after these cooling down.

He says this, after Pallaso apologizing to the public yesterday. And according to the news reaching out news desk, he is in touch with Alien so he makes things work between them.

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