Kapere Lufotose fears to lose wife Mama Trump to a city smart wire

Kampala City popular comedian Kapere Lufotose, real name Yokana Mbuuse is leaving in fear of losing his wife Mama Trump to a city smart wire. This followed after he learned that the city smart wire always takes advantage of his wife because he is still renting.

Kapere Lufotose cried out to the general public and Gagamel International CEO & singer Moses Ssaali aka Bebe Cool to come to his rescue. According to Kapere, its alleged that an upcoming artist identified as Hillat Beta is always singing love songs for his wife in order to make sure that Kapere’s relationship with Mama Trump ends in premium tears.

Additionally, he set harsh conditions for the City Smart wire that he should pay school fees for his kids until University. Also, he revealed that the singer should bail him out with 128M UGX if at all he wants to use his wife pakalast.

Comedian Yokana Mbuuse also revealed to Naster Ug how much he loves Mama Trump to the extent that there is no woman out there who is a replica of his beautiful wife.

Social media in-laws have advised Kapere to go out and work for his wife and children because he is not disabled.

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