Bebe Cool is playing a blame game – Feffe Bussi

Mukiiza frank aka feffe Bussi a rapper and lugaflow artist has through an interview with local TV revealed that Bebe Cool has over played the blame game especially in the ongoing battle of the big three (3).

He says, misunderstandings have been everywhere in entertainment industries even in Jamaica, but the Nkuliyo singer in this scandal resorted to blaming everyone not forgetting King Saha who he said had a bad mouth odour a few months ago among others.

Feffe says he respects him so very much and can never undermine his works and contributions in the industry, but to him blaming everyone can never be a solution. Instead, he should act like a leader and a legend as expected of him.

He says this in the time different people in the entertainment industry are continuously giving their different opinions on the big 3 artistes as some agree to it and others not. However ever since the big 3 battle got onto the podium, it’s been the very first time Feffe Bussi discussing the topic with media.

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